As an independent utilities expert DGA Consulting provides a broad range of advisory services across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  We would now like to share some of the learnings we have captured, in the form of case studies.  These short abstracts will provide high level insights to the energy community and we will be​​​ publishin​​g additional case studies over the coming months.  We hope to contribute to the great body of work currently being undertaken in the transition to the intelligent network of the future.   Any feedback is welcome as are clarification questions.​

Horizon Energy Intelligent Business Roadmap Case Study
DGA Consulting facilitated a strategic review of Horizon Power’s intelligent business opportunities and delivered a strategic roadmap to assist the customer in developing a long term sustainable business.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission (SA) – Viability Assessment
DGA Consulting performed a study to quantify the relative economic viability of integrating nuclear power generation technologies, as one of a suite of renewable and fossil fuel power generation technologies, within the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Ergon Energy – Isolated Systems SCADA Upgrade
DGA Consulting assisted Ergon Energy to prepare for the upgrade of the SCADA system that manages their isolated systems by developing business and functional requirements, and a plan for the procurement of the system.